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Our region is an angler's heaven. With trout streams ranging from picturesque feeder brooks to the most bio-diverse waterway this side of the Amazon, The Clinch, we can hook you up to fish like the pros or with the experts.

According to Flyfisher’s Guide to Virginia, written by David Hart, the Clinch River “is an outstanding fishery and prime fly fishing country.” And, there are over 100 fishable miles! The Clinch River is the most bio-diverse river in the northern hemisphere. It has more species of fish than any other river in Virginia – over 100 – and about 50 species of fresh water mussels, more than any river in the world according to Hart. He notes in his Guide that “The Clinch is one of a very few rivers in the state where smallmouth bass are native, and it’s the only place that has sauger, a close relative of the walleye. Spotted bass are also native and so are walleye.” He also states, “It also has largemouth bass, assorted panfish, muskies and freshwater drum, which can grow quite large.”

TIP: Use darker flies in off-color water. Black, brown and purple are a good choice as well as noisy poppers. White flies with a few strands of flashabow or other glittery material will stand out in murky water.

Harry W. Murray, angler and author of Virginia Blue-Ribbon Streams – A Fly-Fishing Guide, tells us “The smallmouths in the Clinch River show a decided preference for the fast water around riffles and ledges and if there are dense aquatic grass beds, they like this ever better.” Mr. Murray has floated and fished the Clinch for walleye, smallmouth, musky and more.

TIP: Murray tells us that for musky and walleye, in deep pools (ie between Cleveland and Carterton on the Clinch) to consider using a fast sinking-tip line to work the depths effectively. Long slim streamers and bucktails are very effective for musky.

The Heart of Appalachia Tourism Authority invites fishermen of all types to Fish to Your Heart’s Content. So much so, they went to great lengths to research, map and highlight all the best kept fishing holes in the region – lakes, streams and rivers.

TIP: Pick up a copy of the Fish to Your Heart’s Content map guide from the HOA Visitor Center in St. Paul when you come for a visit, or call 276-762-0011 for a hard copy.

So where are the hotspots?

Trout Streams 1. Little Stony Creek 2. Big Stony/Mountain Fork 3. Pound (Below Flannagan Dam) 4. Roaring Fork 5. Pound (North Fork of Pound River Dam 6. Little Tumbling Creek 7. Dismal Creek

Public Fishing Lakes 8. Flannagan Dam & Reservoir 9. Pound Reservoir (North Fork) 10. Keokee Lake 11. Bark Camp Lake 12. Lake Witten

Rivers 13. Clinch River 14. North Fork of the Holston 15. Powell River 16. Russell Fork

So, that’s but a few tips from experts. But we have more! Why just read about the ins and outs of fishing our region when you can fish with and learn from the local pros? It’s your adventure so why not do it up right! We can provide you with contacts to set up a guided fishing trip and get you outfitted. Or, we can hammer out all the details according to your wants so all you have to do is start fishing. That’s right. We work with a network of professional guides and outfitters throughout the area for river, stream and lake fishing adventures.

And when you’re fished out, we can get you fed, entertained, rested and onto your next adventure! Give us a call and let us hook you up. After all, at Buzzard’s Roost, YOU are the MVP.


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